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Medicare Secondary Recovery Services for Attorneys, Beneficiaries, and Insurance Industry Professionals

We utilize our years of experience, insider knowledge, and in-depth understanding of how to navigate the Medicare Secondary Recovery System to give our clients a smooth ride throughout.

We understand that dealing with Medicare can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to navigating the Medicare Secondary Recovery System. That’s why we’re here to provide our clients with the support and guidance they need to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.


At our company, we recognize that each client has unique needs and requirements. Our team works closely with each client to identify the necessary services and goals, ensuring that we deliver the desired outcomes.


Our experience collaborating with the Medicare system allows us to efficiently navigate the established procedures for obtaining and updating records, as well as identifying effective solutions.


We understand the importance of accurate and timely information. Our experienced records and medical professionals ensure that we secure the information you need and get results.

Our Approach

Tailored action plans

SASS offers custom-designed, quality action plans to fit each clients needs, whether those needs be for long-term business relationships, individual cases, or something in between.



We start our process with communication. SASS will work with you to determine your goals, needs, and desired outcomes.



We will design a plan to meet your goals and desired outcomes. We create a plan detailing the expectations of both parties, and price your plan based on the services you need.



We get to work for you, providing top-notch services and getting results.

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The Best Solution To Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery

Need Experienced MSP Consultants?

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How do you know that you’ve found the best services to assist you with navigating the pathways of MSP recovery? Why that’s easy! A business comprised of previous MSP recovery agents that have worked in MSP for years in diverse departments.

Our Experience is Absolutely Unparalleled.

Our associates are trained specifically to handle each case type. Have a workers’ compensation case? We have on staff case specialists that are able to efficiently handle the case flow from beginning to end. Need to dispute workers’ compensation claims? Our certified risk management nurses are able to identify incorrect claims attached to workers comp cases to easily dispute incorrectly attached claims.

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Due to our experienced staff, trained in multiple aspects of the MSP recovery process, we are able to navigate the system with ease. Our teams comprise of MSP admin, MSP recovery and certified RN’s. We efficiently and accurately target the recovery monies that are due, ensure that cases and claims are accurate and recovery case times are as low as possible.


SASS has been in the MSP recovery business for over 16 years providing exceptional services to beneficiaries, attorneys and insurers/self-insured alike. We employ only specific professionals that fit within the very precise needs for MSP recovery, allowing us to target exactly what is needed in resolution of your MSP case.

Our unique experience allows us to offer you something that no one else can. Experienced agents with intimate knowledge of the MSP recovery process. Our knowledge allows us to target approach your case to provide exceptional results with experience like none other.

We work all divisions of msp recovery

MSP recovery can take many forms depending on the type of accident that had occurred or when insurance is filed in the incorrect order.


SASS will customize your service plan to fit your exact needs. We offer assistance on one-time cases, monthly, annual and long-term contract. We also offer consulting services for your office on MSP recovery.