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25 Years of Experience in Medicare Secondary Recovery and Quality Management Services

Our Expertise

At SASS, we’re passionate about information and helping businesses grow. As an women owned economically disadvantaged small business, we understand the importance of quality services. Our team of professionally accredited auditors and recovery specialists are dedicated to analyzing information, improving systems, and creative problem-solving. All of our professionals are certified, so we can guarantee the best possible service.

We are:


original Design

At our company, we value diversity, equitable income, and quality of life. Our goal is to create a positive work environment that prioritizes these ideals to ensure that our employees have the best work-life balance possible. Rest assured that we’ve taken measures to maintain security while providing the flexibility our team needs to thrive. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt and create an environment that fosters the well-being of our talented staff while out performing competitors in our market.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Work-Life Balance

Our company is proud to provide equal employment opportunities to candidates from all kinds of backgrounds, including those from protected employment classes. We believe in allowing our colleagues to have a fulfilling career while also having the time to take care of their personal and family lives. We have found this to be an effective approach to retaining committed and focused employees who take pride in their work.

Innovative ideas

Our commitment to staff development and growth is unwavering. We encourage our team members to pursue further learning opportunities both in traditional learning environments and on the job. To ensure project success, we play to our strengths by assigning roles based on experience and area of expertise. Our goal is to partner each team member with the most relevant experience to achieve optimal results

Our team comprises of proficient individuals who enjoy scrutinizing data and collaborating with others. We are a group of individuals who relish challenges and welcome new ones every day.