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Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP)

Fast Response

With quick turn around times, SASS is there to help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of MSP recovery.

Whether this is your first time working with MSP recovery, or you are more familiar with the road blocks that can come up, we are here to help you resolve issues quickly.

Smart Execution

We provide the perfect agent to work on your behalf, who most fits your specific needs, to ensure that your recovery case is done correctly, accurately, and with the least amount of delay.

Perfect Design

We have simplified and streamlined the recovery process for beneficiaries for a smooth and efficient execution for case recovery and Common Working File (CWF) file updating.


Assisting Medicare Beneficiaries with MSP Recovery

Helping beneficiaries

Medicare Recovery

What is Medicare recovery? Most often, our clients are people who have Medicare (aka, are a beneficiary) and have been involved in an unfortunate incident that has resulted in a disruption to the normal Medicare policy function. In these cases, another insurance company is required by law to pay the bills associated with the event instead of Medicare. Some common incidents that we manage involve vehicular accidents, slip and fall accidents, and workers’ compensation.

There are a few ways that miscommunication happens in these situations. These difficulties can mean that there is confusion on which insurer is to pay on a claim, disruptions in medical care, and can result in clients being incorrectly billed by Medicare.

Given the complications of this system, you might be interested in hiring an expert to guide you through the process, in order to keep miscommunications to a minimum.

We are here to provide you with the support to ensure that your claims experience is accurate, quick, and effortless from beginning to end. Like Medicare (CMS), we believe that in all things, the beneficiary comes first.

Misty Delashaw, President


how we can help

We offer each client a customized plan to fit their exact needs. The Medicare recovery process isn’t the same for each case. We only want you to pay for the services that you need to find your resolution. Give us a call and we can talk about exactly what you may need to achieve the best result for you.

Not sure if we offer the services that you need for MSP? Give us a call and we gladly go over your case to see if there is anything that we can assist you with.

CWF File Updating

A common miscommunication in the process leads to confusion regarding which insurance is the primary in a given situation. Our knowledge of the process of determining which insurance covers which situation, we are able to quickly correct these misunderstandings

Another issue beneficiaries face is getting information updated to your Medicare file correctly. Our specialists ensure that we get all the information updated in a timely manner, so that your claims can be filed correctly and resolved quickly.

Accident Claims

We are here to assist you with the A to Z of recovery cases. We will work with you from the accident report to Medicare to closure of your accident claim to ensure that your case is successful from beginning to end.

We ensure that all information is reported correctly and your claims are handled by the correct party. We will streamline the process so that you don’t have to worry, and so you can focus on having a stress-free recovery process.

Workers’ Compensation

While the initiating event of a workers’ compensation case can be very similar to an accident case, the process of executing a claim can vary significantly due to the involvement of both employers and insurance companies.

Our workers’ compensation risk management nurses on staff are experienced with dealing with both employers and insurers in the course of a claim, and will offer you specialized support services for a seamless resolution.